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Team Coaching

Team Coaching elevates workplace culture by enhancing communication, fostering growth, and building trust. It promotes collaboration, empowers employees, and fosters resilience, transforming the environment into a collaborative, positive space.

Team Coaching works by firstly connecting and getting to know the team and help them begin to understand the internal & external dynamics and the priority areas they want to work on. Then, co design a purpose or an opening theme for team coaching. The coach supports the team in having the conversations they need to address those issues. 

Measurements of the impact of coaching consistently show a high return on investment from successful creation of a coaching culture within the team. Creating a coaching culture in the team has been shown to have significant positive impact upon:

  • Individual and team performance
  • Retention of talent
  • Motivation and employee engagement
  • Creativity
  • Customer service
  • Communication within the team and with other teams
  • Knowledge transfer and retention

Coaching includes option for a Co Coach. This is highly recommended to to capture team awareness across the development cycle, and to share the load particularly for larger teams. The array of a Co Coach also creates different voice, proven to elevate engagement and learning. Chris has a specific Co Coach partner selected for skills alignment and diversity of experience.

Sessions are 90 -180 mins and delivered through face / face, hybrid (combination of in the room and online) or fully online.

One On One Coaching

One on one coaching creates a personalised and confidential environment for coaching individuals and is offered as part of Team Coaching. One on one coaching may also be offered to Clients outside of Team Coaching engagements.

Coaching focusses on need and desire at hand in context of; personal mindset challenges, leadership development, performance / growth development, attitudinal shift.

One on one coaching entails:

  • Three month initial committment
  • Use of diagnostic tools where appropriate
  • Weekly or fortnightly session intervals
  • 30 or 60 min session duration options
  • Coaching agreement compliant to ICF guidelines
  • 30 & 90 Day calibrations

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching explores growth in leadership and personal development for both the executive and the executive team.

Coaching particularly focusses on strengths in play now to lift, extend and grow. In addition, to pinpoint areas of improvement.

A range of proven leadership development tools may be used for example, Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessments, Clifton Strengths Finder, Belbin Team Roles.

Coaching blends personal, self awareness based growth and development against research benchmarks of executive high performance. For example in domains of decision making, navigating conflict and portfolio management. Coaching discovers trait and tendency in both performance and attitudinal domains in currency of leadership impact. Soft skill enhancement may surface as relevant such as active listening and communication effectiveness.

Mini team building offsites may be deployed to observe informal contact and leadership in action traits. Chris uses a host of games and challenges in this space including, intellectual, physical and collaborative.

Mastermind Facilitation

A Mastermind brings together business minds to engage, learn, solve problems and build their energy and confidence in business. Masterminds also forge a commitment to learning that commitment and consistency is key to life and business success. Benefits include:

  • Refreshed strategic thinking for your business. 
  • Access to tools, tactics and strategies to build your business.  
  • Pool team based learning, shared experiences, storytelling. 
  • Deeper trusted relations in group leading to wider network opportunities
  • Accountability to deliver actions in your business.

Core values of Mastermind Group:

  • Openness & Contribution. To learn, listen and contribute in the group. 
  • Respect. For members at all times as they are on their own journey which may be challenging and stressful at times. 
  • Commitment & Accountability to the group for 12 months.  
  • Punctuality & Integrity. To be on time for all meetings and calling out members who are not meeting Member Commitment & Meeting Ethics.
  • Celebrate. Member successes and breakthroughs, together.

Format 60-75 mins face / face, monthly frequency with 60 min ZOOM in between. Participants 4-8 pax.

Each group design includes priority interviewing of group members and requires full acceptance of groups ethics, terms and conditions of Mastermind.

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