Is now your time to grow like no other in your career?

The team not responding and delivering the way you wish?

Your impact and performance below par?

Chris has deep insight into the little things that can make the biggest shifts in team dynamics, his ability to quickly bring cohesion to teams moves everyone from I to we seamlessly.

Gary Walker, CEO, Leighs Construction Ltd

Chris helped me meld my senior leadership team together. He provided challenging insight on the business, how I was operating and how I might improve. Made me think outside the box and to understand my people better. The Belbin Team Role enquiry  I found especially beneficial to understand individual team member strengths and weaknesses and build a plan to get the best from them. I recommend Chris as a business coach and mentor.

Andrew McKenzie, General Manager, DIALOG Property (NZ) Ltd

Chris’s coaching helped me understand core beliefs I held about myself and the world and how these beliefs shaped my reality. He has a smart, energetic and intuitive way of helping one recognise and reframe unhelpful thoughts and patterns, transforming them into positive action. He encourages holding yourself accountable for your progress. As a surgeon in training he helped me win the mind game of the final fellowship exam. Once I believed I could do it, I did. Not only is his coaching effective and goal driven, it’s also lots of fun! I highly recommend Chris as a coach to help take you to the level of achievement and personal development.

Dr Kiren Dulku, Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon

I was facing several mental barriers before working with Chris, feeling like they were affecting me both at work and in personal life. Through coaching I was able to see that the barriers did not exist and were just a concept of my mind. I found personal growth through the coaching, gaining strength in mindset and confidence in myself which I really appreciate.

Ross Lawler, Engineering Geologist

Chris has a skill and that’s the ability to spot something out of place and challenge you to challenge yourself. 

James Bundy, Chartered Surveyor, Investor

Chris came highly recommended and I was looking for coaching as I was having a mental block and compartmentalising my past failures at study/work. He really challenged me to reflect and open up and then we broke it down and formed strategies and a framework to move forward. I found the experience really useful and would highly recommend Chris.

Dr Sharon Jay, Medical Doctor & General Surgeon

Chris has helped me both at a personal and professional level. I have found him a great coach with a knack for identifying the root cause of issues. He doesn’t tell me what to do but helps me develop solutions myself, that are practical and usable. He is also strong enough to challenge me around the discipline needed to make change.

Vince Pace, Transportation Consulting Professional, Senior Manager

Now is your time and opportunity to grow like no other. Take it.

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